MEDIRUNE iRune adalah alat portable yang ditempelkan pada perut berguna untuk menstimulasi syaraf yang menghasilkan rasa nyeri  saat wanita menstruasi  sehingga rasa nyeri atau sakit menjadi minimal atau hilang. Teknologi TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimuation). Memberikan efek pijat jika digunakan pada bagian tubuh yang lain seperti kaki atau tangan.


Intensive thermal acupoint stimulation (like in conductive heat therapy)

Pain is relieved by moxibustion-like thermotherapy combined with acupoint stimulation therapy which is commonly used in Oriental medicine.

1) Blood Circulation

Metabolism is boosted with an increase in internal body temperature, and accordingly the supply of oxygen into the uterus helps inhibit the generation of pain-causing prostaglandins, ultimately reducing the pain.

2) Pain Relief

An increased temperature provides sedative effects on the area of pain by acting on free nerve endings.

3) Acupoint Stimulation

The stimulation of acupoints in the lower part of the abdomen produces moxibustion-like effects.


Low-frequency therapy that is most effective both for chronic and acute pain.

It works to relieve pain by stimulating peripheral sensory nerves in the skin. (I-Rune’s unique TENS protocol has been built.)


The mode is optimized for relief of cervical pain.

The combination of thermotherapy (moxibustion-like thermal stimulation) and TENS creates the maximized effects of pain relief. dec 24, 2014 – verified prednisone online pharmacy that you can rely on whenever where can i order prednisone no prescription needed in canada

(Patent No.10-0899818, Menses ache reduction device for acupuncture point)

(Patent No.10-0915320, Portable menses ache reduction device)


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This safety-proven low-frequency stimulation therapy is applicable to everyone, regardless of sex and age.

Pain is effectively relived by stimulation approaches (i.e., PRESS, MASS and TAP) applicable to painful symptoms including muscle cramps and joint inflammation.

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